Have you heard about TSheets?

Have you heard about TSheets?

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TSheets is a cloud based product that you can keep track of staff hours, rosters and client jobs and then use this information to send invoices to customers.  We have recently started using TSheets at Account On Me, there are so many features that we have barely touched the surface.

Let’s start with the time tracking – staff can track time wherever they are, if they are working remotely or they are mobile, moving from job to job.  This can be done in 5 different ways, which are:

  • Using the iPhone and Android apps which can be used online or offline and employees can easily clock in and out of jobs and you can also use the GPS;
  • There is also the TSheets crew app for iPhones and Androids which allows you to group staff together to clock them in and out in one click;
  • For the international tracking there is Twitter using 140 characters or less;
  • There is also GPS Time Tracking, this enables you to track where your employees are and allocate to a job in their area;
  • The final way is using the TSheets Touch Web app, this is for Windows 8 or Blackberry users to clock in and out, change jobs.

Or you can clock in/out with the desktop or laptop, by text messaging or dial in.

Another great feature is the rostering/scheduling – you can use this to prepare rosters for your staff or schedule jobs and tasks to staff so they are prepared for the day.  It’s simple to use and easy to edit and if staff have the app on their phone they will be notified of any changes.

TSheets will help with the setup, so if you are interested in trying TSheets out, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial here.